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Red Ball Forever

Keep on rolling in Red Ball Forever. Can you keep this little guy safe while he explores a kingdom full of danger in this ball game?

This red ball is about to embark on another adventure. He’ll need your help in order to stay safe in this action game. Join him while he bounces over spike-covered enemies and attempts to get across rivers. Be sure to collect plenty of stars during his journey, too. You can use those to unlock new characters between levels.

How to Play Red Ball Forever?

Red Ball Forever is a cute and challenging platform game. Team up with a brave ball while he tries to get through over a dozen levels full of dangerous enemies and tricky obstacles. Can you help him reach the finish line at the end of each one?

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS to roll and bounce. 
  • PRESSING W, A, S, D will also make the ball roll or bounce. 

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Who Developed Red Ball Forever?

Red Ball Forever was created by Kiz10.