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Microsoft Bubble

It's time to start popping in Microsoft Bubble! How fast will you be able to clear the board?

You’ll need to burst tons of bubbles in this Microsoft game. Take control of the launcher and try to arrange them into groups of three or more. You can swap bubbles between shots and earn coins to buy useful boosters before each level begins. Those bubbles won’t know what hit them when you break out a line extender bubble or a powerful bomb!

How to Play Microsoft Bubble?

Will you be able to master this exciting online version of Bubble Shooter, the classic puzzle game? Use the launcher to put the bubbles into groups of three or more so they’ll pop. If they reach the bottom of the screen though, you’ll lose and need to start over.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim the launcher.
  • LEFT CLICK to launch a bubble.
  • RIGHT CLICK to swap a bubble with the one currently in the queue.

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Who Developed Microsoft Bubble?

Microsoft Bubble was created by Microsoft.