How to Activate Flash

After the 31st of July 2019, Google Chrome, and eventually other browsers as well, will start automatically deactivating the Flash plugin and online games that use it. You shouldn't let that stop you from playing these games, though!
Below you'll find a step-by-step guide that will show you how to activate Flash in the Google Chrome browser so you can keep playing all of these awesome games.

The How to Activate Flash Guide

1. Click the “Play Now” button in the "Activate Flash" message displayed in the game.

2. Go to the address bar in Google Chrome and click the “Plugin Blocked” icon. This will show you a message that says “Flash is blocked on this page."

3. Click the “Manage” button. This will open the Flash Settings page.

4. Click on the slider next to “Block sites from running Flash.” The browser setting will be correct when the text is changed to “Ask first (recommended)” and the slider is blue. Now the browser will ask you to activate the Flash plugin whenever you try to play a Flash game.

5. Now go back to the game and refresh the page. There will be a message displayed within the game saying you need to activate Flash to play it.

6. Click the “Play Now” button in this message, which will open a second message in your browser saying it wants to run Flash.

7. Click the “Allow” button.

8. The page will refresh, and you'll be able to play the game! Have fun!

We've gathered together some frequently asked questions about Flash, and how you can continue playing games that use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will I still be able to play Flash games in the future?
Yes, absolutely! Just follow our step-by-step guide for Google Chrome that will show you how to activate Flash so you can keep playing online games that use it.
2. I followed all the steps to activate Flash, but my game still isn't working.
We're sorry to hear that! Please send us a message here and we'll help you out.
3. I've already activated Flash, but it keeps asking me to activate it.
Please check the settings in your internet browser. Every time you close your internet browser, you'll have to reactivate Flash in the browser settings.
4. The message to allow Flash is not showing up after I click the “Play Now” button.
Oops! Please try refreshing the page. After clicking the button again, wait at least one minute for it to appear.
5. I don’t want to activate Flash, so what can I play instead?
We have plenty of games on our website that don’t require Flash. We highly recommend trying the games we've hand-picked for you in our “Activate Flash” message or on our homepage.
6. How do I know if a game is a Flash game?
If the game features the Flash plugin, we'll show you a message above the game informing you about it.
7. I don’t use Google Chrome as my browser.
Can I still play these games?Yes! If you don’t use Google Chrome, the new Flash block won't impact you, at least not yet. All browsers will eventually stop supporting Flash, though. Definitely keep all of this in mind when your browser stops supporting it.
8. Why is Google Chrome blocking the Flash plugin?
Adobe has decided to no longer support Flash, so all browsers will eventually stop using it. You shouldn't worry too much about this since there are newer and better technologies out there like HTML5! HTML5 is faster, safer, and it doesn’t require you to install a plugin on your computer. You could compare these new changes to how cell phones have evolved over the past several years. Would you still use a Blackberry or a Nokia 3310 right now if you could use one of the newest Apple or Samsung smartphones instead?
9. What is Flash?
Flash is a type of computer software used to create and power many different online games (along with other kinds of media) that's owned by a company named Adobe. To play games that use Flash, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.
10. I didn’t find my question in this list :(
Don’t worry! If you still have any questions, you can always send us a message here and we'll reply as soon as possible.