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3D Table Tennis

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3D Table Tennis Information


The game follows a variation on the official table tennis rule-set to make it easier to play.

Using the racquet

Move left or right AFTER hitting the ball to add spin... This is essential for beating the opponent.

Click the mouse button to serve.

The ball must bounce on the opponents side - volleys are not allowed.

You are awarded points for returning the ball and winning rounds. The more difficult opponents award better bonuses. If you win a round or a single game, you're awarded a bonus for every point you have that's higher than the opponents score.

Table Tennis is a fun game as is, but being able to play it in full 3D makes 3D Table Tennis a great experience and surely one of the best choices that you can do if you want a cool, action packed arcade game.
One of the things you will like about 3D Table Tennis is the ability to learn every rule via the comprehensive game tutorial included in the package, and at the same time you will like the high quality gameplay ideas included in here. The game is designed in order to offer you a wide range of unique challenges and each time you enter the experience you will be amazed with the results that you get.
You can play either a singleplayer game or you can engage in a tournament, it all comes down to you and your needs. One thing is sure here, and that comes from the fact that each moment you play will test and also improve your skills the right way. It

Scores are updated every 15 minutes.