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Sports Heads Cards: Squad Swap

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Sports Heads Cards: Squad Swap Information



- The aim of the game is to build a squad of stronger Sports Heads, with 11 players that can beat your opponent's strongest 11.

- You are dealt 5 cards at a time. The player chosen to go first plays a card. The other player plays another card, and whichever has the higher score wins. Both players are then added to the winner's squad deck.



If you have a card of the same nationality as the one you played (check the flag colour), you can double up beating the card your opponent plays even if individually they're of a lower value. You can only do this after the other player has played his card.


You can force a penalty shoot-out two ways:

1) If you play a card of the same value as your opponent.


2) If you play a card of the same nationality as your opponent (shineys also count for this).

A penalty shoot out is a gamble. If it goes to penalties, each player is drawn three random cards from the deck. The player with the highest CUMULATIVE value takes ALL EIGHT cards for their squad.


Each game lasts 18 turns (adding up to the 90 minute clock in the top left of the screen.) After 18 turns you lose your unused cards, and it's all down to your squad stack. The number of cards in your squad starts your scoring, and then the game automatically takes your best 11 cards and pits them against your opponent's best 11. The highest cumulative score wins, and if it's a tie, it comes to the highest value individual card.

Good luck!

Sports Heads Cards: Squad Swap is another type of football game that manages to provide you with quite a lot of interesting gameplay ideas that you always enjoyed and appreciated. The challenge in this game comes from the fact that you will always be able to explore gameplay ideas and enjoy them in a unique, exciting way.

Each card has a football star on it and all you have to do here is to make sure that the games are offering you great results. Simply put, with the help of Sports Heads Cards: Squad Swap you just play a card game in which all you have to do is to select the cards with the highest value that will defeat the enemy player.

As expected, all cards include players from all the world as well as some of the best players in the football history as well, something that makes the experience not only very impressive, but also quite entertaining and fun as well. Each time you play the game you will be able to immerse yourself into a high quality, exciting gaming experience that will take yourself to the next level. It

Scores are updated every 15 minutes.