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Sports Heads Basketball Championship

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Sports Heads Basketball Championship Information


Sports Heads Basketball is back with loads of new features: upgrades, leagues, buzzer beaters and more!

The same great Sports Heads Basketball gameplay is unchanged though: move your player with the keys and press space to move your hand. 3 points for baskets from your own half, 2 points for a basket in their's.

Can you win the championship?

We all love basketball and we would love to play it as often as possible, but that requires a lot of money spent on equipment, training and so on. Sports Heads Basketball Championship offers you a simpler way to enjoy this amazing game.

In Sports Heads Basketball Championship, you will need to control a sports head and all you need to do is to make sure that you complete the desired objective. There are only 2 objectives in this game, you either need to be the first that reaches 15, or you have to deal with a specific time limit. Either way, the game is designed in such a way so that it will provide you with immense challenges and extraordinary results as you play, which is indeed a major plus.

One thing you will enjoy in this title is the fact that you can choose from multiple players and each one does have its own stats, something that you will like quite a lot in the long run. The game is designed in order to bring you quite a lot of unique, interesting choices that you will enjoy. The entire experience is definitely simple and exciting, all you need to fully enjoy the gameplay as you always wanted.
From beginning and up until the end, Sports Heads Basketball Championship is a stellar game, and on that will bring you immense value. Don

Scores are updated every 15 minutes.