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Pinch Hitter 3

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Pinch Hitter 3 Information


Play Pinch Hitter here at Mousebreaker - the home of the Pinch Hitter series.

Use the Mouse to aim your shots and pitch the ball.

Pinch Hitter 3 is a baseball themed game that allows you to become a pinch hitter. You will have to train all your running, catching and battling skill the best way you can until you can land a contract and become the best baseball star. This is a very easy to understand and play, refined game that brings you immense results and a very high quality experience!
Controls involve the use of the mouse, and all you have to do is to move the mouse as fast as possible in order to complete tasks. Either catching, throwing or running activities will require your complete attention and you need to work hard in order to improve your skills.
Once you receive an offer from your agent, you will be able to obtain contracts and acquire money that will help you a lot in the long run. This will also help you improve your statistics and improve your chances of becoming a better player!
Matches are played in a text window, but when your input is needed you will be asked to either throw the ball, catch it or run, depending on the situation. You need to try and train the best way you can in order to acquire the results you want and improve the way you play, as that is indeed necessary.
The more you train in this game the better the results will be, but you also need the utmost attention and precision in order to get the best outcome. With Pinch Hitter 3 you can test and improve your baseball skills unlike never before, so check it out right now, you will not regret it!

Scores are updated every 15 minutes.