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Classic 9 Ball Pool!

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Classic 9 Ball Pool! Information


When taking a shot, position the transparent cue ball to where you want it to go. Then hold down the mouse button to increase the shot power, as indicated by the power bar.
Click on the small cue ball to adjust top and back spin.


This plays like regular 9-ball, except you can hit the balls out of sequence. However, you won't score as highly if you take this approach. Always try to hit the lowest numbered ball first. The star symbol indicates you are doing this. If you keep this up, and clear the table without fouling, you'll be awarded a massive score bonus!


Pot a ball: 10
Pot a ball by hitting lowest ball first: 50
Pot 9-ball by hitting it directly: 10
Pot 9-ball by hitting lowest ball first: 200
Clear table, always hitting lowest ball first: 1000
Foul, miss all balls or pot cue ball: -10

Scores are updated every 15 minutes.