Sports Heads game

Facts & Trivia

  • The first Sports Heads game (Tennis) was finished in July 2010, with football following a year later.
  • Sports Heads Football was the first game in the series to introduce two player mode, causing many bouts of lunchtime shouting the Mousebreaker office.
  • To date, Sports Heads games have been played over 35,000,000 times on Mousebreaker, and 50,000,000 times on other sites!

Tips, Hints & Cheats

  • Just because you've got a boot/hand/racquet, doesn't mean you have to use it! Your head is your best weapon...
  • In Sports Heads: Basketball, be sure to use the bounce pad in front of the baskets to block shots above your head (they do need to recharge though).
  • The AI gets vicious in Sports Heads Football European Edition, so watch your goal if you take the lead...
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