Pinch Hitter game

The web's best loved baseball game is a Mousebreaker original! With hand-drawn cartoon graphics and deep, addictive batting gameplay, Pinch Hitter is very easy to get into, but incredibly tough to put down! Pinch Hitter 3 added a career mode for the first time, allowing you to bat your way from the Little Leagues to the Majors in a glittering all-star career...

Facts & Trivia

  • First appearing in 2007, Pinch Hitter games have racked up over 50,000,000 plays across the internet, making them amongst the most popular free baseball games ever.
  • The New York Yankees - the most successful team in World Series history - have yet to win one in a year when we release a Pinch Hitter game!
  • In October 2010, Pinch Hitter became our third ever iPhone and iPod Touch app, packing all the gameplay from Pinch Hitter 1 and 2 into a 59p download.

Tips, Hints & Cheats

  • The best technique to getting home-runs is to hit the ball with the tip of your bat, ideally towards the bottom of the ball - this will give you the lift and power to send it flying!
  • On levels where the aim is to avoid getting caught out, try bunting the ball! To do this, crowd the plate by moving as far right as you can, and aim to hit the ball with the hand-end of the bat?
  • To run in Pinch Hitter 3, follow the metronome and keep clicking at the same pace even after it disappears!
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