Parking Perfection game

Ever found yourself thinking traditional car games miss the careful attention to detail of real driving? Then Parking Perfection could be right for you! Replace "pedal to the metal" with "mirror, signal, manoeuvre" in this addictive, focussed driving series...

Facts & Trivia

  • The first 3 Parking Perfection games were released in 2004, 2005 and 2006. There was then a 3 year gap before Parking Perfection 4 and 5 followed in 2009 and 2010.
  • Since the new site was launched in 2008, the Parking Perfection games have been played nearly 20m times on the Mousebreaker
  • Parking Perfection proved so popular that we've made several spin off games, including Docking Perfection for boat lovers, and Park the Pope for Papal fanatics?

Tips, Hints & Cheats

  • Stop and start a lot. You can move the wheels of the car even when stationary, so don't be afraid to stop and move the wheels to line up your parking.
  • Breaking sharply and reversing are essential techniques. The space bar is your emergency break, and will bring you to a halt instantly - perfect if you're about to collide with another vehicle.
  • If you're struggling, start with Parking Perfection 4 or 5 - both games added a damage bar, rather than a single hit costing you the game?
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