Blast Billiards game

The game that put Mousebreaker on the map: Blast Billiards. Pot all the bombs within the time limit, but watch out for explosives and other obstacles looking to send you sky high...

Facts & Trivia

  • Blast Billiards was the first game Mousebreaker developed, all the way back in the year 2000. Since then, it's expanded to fill its own site:
  • Blast Billiards games have been played millions of times on hundreds of different websites. Original Blast Billiards 2008 and Blast Billiards Gold alone have been played over 100m times across the internet!
  • Blast Billiards Touch is the first time a Mousebreaker game has made it onto mobile phones. Released in December 2009, it was featured by Apple and topped the most popular UK Sports Games section for a while!

Tips, Hints & Cheats

  • Don't think you always need top power! Sometimes a little tap of the cue is all you need, and you'll waste less valuable time waiting for the metre to fill and for the bombs to stop moving
  • If you're faced with a tricky shot, don't be afraid to try adding some back or top spin. It might make all the difference between you potting the white and losing more time, or winning the round!
  • If in doubt... cheat! In Extreme Blast Billiards, the code 'fixthepower' will access level 5, while 'jfmamj' will give you level 15. In Blast Billiards Gold, type 'beckford' to get more time on level 5 and 'peppapig' to remove a ghost on level 10.
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